[DLC] Saints Row IV [ENG]скачать с торрента

[DLC] Saints Row IV [ENG]скачать с торрента
Год выпуска: 2013
Жанр: Action (Shooter) / Racing / 3D / 3rd Person
Разработчик: Volition, Inc.
Издательство: Deep Silver
Регион: Region Free
Тип издания: DLC
Прошивка: JTAG
Язык интерфейса: Английский
Работоспособность проверена релизером: Да(3-ий не проверял)

Все уже разлочено, просто скиньте на жесткий диск вашей консоли.
P.S> судя по отзывам, из-за 1-го пака возможны зависания при прыжке.

Pack One
Commander In Chief Pack:
Earning the special edition content means you'll get a snazzy Uncle Sam outfit, a "Screaming Eagle" jet, and a "'Merica weapon," which boasts flamethrowers, "dub step guns," and rocket launchers.

Volition Comics Pack:
Pre-order Saints Row IV and receive the GameStop Exclusive The Iron Rogue and Queen Amazonia Bonus in-game Costumes! You have the powers of a superhero, now you just need the clothes! Show off to your friends in Saints Row IV co-op mode with a shiny new superhero outfit. Running through virtual Steelport with Super Sprint or smashing cars with your Telekinesis skill is twice as fun with one of these special superhero suits. Clad yourself either as THE IRON ROGUE or put on the legendary chestplate of the warrior woman QUEEN AMAZONIA!

Executive Privilege Pack:
You've never let anyone else tell you what to do so why let us get away with it? The Executive Privilege Pack does away with checks and balances and gives you the power to make the world of Saints Row IV your own. Cheat your way to a hollow victory today!

Online Pass:
You don't have to face the world's greatest threat alone. With Online Pass, you and a running mate can take on the Zin together.

The Rectifier:
The "Rectifier", an anal probe weapon, will be included in Saints Row 4 and is only accessible by purchasing the season pass.
Pack Two
Bradygames Pack:
Put those strategy guide tips to good use with this handy (and deadly) submachine gun.

Dubstep Gun (Remix) Pack:
Murder 'em with metal, slam 'em with swing, obliterate 'em with opera, or just opt for the sublime power of polka.

Grass Roots Pack:

Get your rural on, with outfits, weapons, and a radically rustic truck that reflect a more...unsophisticated lifestyle.

Presidential Pack:

With this DLC you can live out your wildest dreams of being one of the most famous American Presidents or dress up your President like a real American Revolutionary.

Pack Three
GAT V Pack:
It's the moment every gamer has been waiting for: GAT V is here! Dress up as star-crossed lovers Gat and Aisha and strap on a heavy machine and a knife launcher for the ultimate Saints Row experience.

Wild West Pack:
The Boss has always been a bit of a cowboy, and with this pack you can take the metaphor to the extreme. Includes two new outfits and an old west revolver.

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